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Cura 5.0 from Ultimaker fine tunes the details

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Ultimaker Cura 5.0 has been launched, with the company expressing its excitement for its newest 3D printing software version that features an enhanced slicing engine for finer and faster 3D prints.

The new slicing engine is said to improve the ability of Cure 5.0 to print thin walls and fine details, while printed parts should also be stronger thanks to use of variable line width when slicing a 3D model. Previously, the line width used when slicing a file was decided by the diameter of the nozzle and the line width settings used. Once chosen and sliced, the line width would be consistent throughout the part.

This means small details of less than one line thick would not be printed at all, which Cura 5.0 solves with a new and improved slicing engine, where the width of lines are instead increased and decreased to create the most efficient tool patch and to most accurately print fine details. The result is fewer gaps on the inside of parts and better quality when printing thin walls and fine details.

Ultimaker says big improvements in part strength will be seen when printing thin walls, where previously walls with internal gaps and missing sections will now be structurally solid.

“Ultimaker Cura 5.0 represents the biggest leap forward in print quality that the software has ever seen,” says Ulimaker CTO Miguel Calvo.

“This is the start of a true revolution in 3D printing technology. We believe that even those who have looked at 3D printing before and concluded that it may not be ready for their use, today it is time for them to look again.

“Until now, you had to make your design work for 3D printing. It’s time to turn the table… from designing for 3D printing, to 3D printing for design.”


Other improvements in Cura 5.0 include faster print profiles for owners of Ultimaker printers, with a streamlined Ultimaker Marketplace integration, and support for Apple M1 chips.

You can watch the full reveal of all the new features from the Ultimaker Launch Event below:

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