Shapeways expands with 6 traditional manufacturing technologies 

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Shapeways is set to expand its global digital manufacturing platform further by adding six traditional manufacturing technologies to its global supply chain of verified 3D printer, materials and global manufacturing partners.

While known most for its online 3D printing service, Shapeways is aiming to facilitate customers manufacturing products at even the largest scale, whether that includes 3D printing or a conventional technology like CNC machining.

With customer verticals requiring high-performance parts for applications in medical, aerospace, industrial, automotive and more, Shapeways has continued to embrace a vendor-agnostic approach to hardware and materials.

Shapeways new manufacturing technologies offered:

CNC Machining – subtractive manufacturing process relying on computerised controls to remove materials to create parts
Machine Tooling – engineering of jigs and tools to make parts
Injection Molding – creating parts by pouring molten liquid into a mold, where the desired parts solidify
Vacuum Casting – casting process that uses a vacuum to draw liquid into a mold where the desired structure then is formed
Urethane Casting – silicone molds filled with polyurethane
Sheet Metal – used to make highly industrial parts for applications in a variety of industries, such as automotive and aerospace

Shapeways’ global digital manufacturing platform continues to be driven by its proprietary software, and the addition of new technologies comes soon after its announced SPAC Merger with Galileo Acquisition Corp to take the company public.

“Shapeways’ goal is to give our customers around the world the flexibility to scale on-demand production seamlessly while maintaining the highest levels of quality,” said Shapeways CRO Miko Levy.


“By offering more options for production, customised fulfilment and improved supply chain agility for distributing end-use parts, we provide the manufacturing support and continuity needed to skyrocket business success.”

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