Coreform Cubit 2022.11

Coreform unveils Cubit 2022.11 with new meshing skills

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Coreform has released Cubit 2022.11 with enhancements to the core workflow including meshing, geometry modification and import/export features.

With the new Superelement Support, Coreform Cubit should now allow users to import element blocks of type ‘superelement’ from an exodus file.

Visualisation, picking and listing of superelement blocks should be supported and, when visualising Superelements, they should appear as a collection of nodes.

Coreform Cubit should also allow exporting superelement blocks, by writing the data just as it was imported.

Coreform said the trimmest scheme has also been modified to better handle composite surfaces.

The new composite surface Mesh Gems hyper patch meshing capability should process a composite surface that has underlying geometric definitions by using the actual surface definitions while at the same time ignoring all hidden curves of the composite.

Another addition to the update is a new draw remove command, which should allow users to remove geometric entities from models.


Coreform Cubit offers, in fact, the ability to draw a portion of the model with the draw command and geometric entities can be added to the portion that was drawn.

With the new draw remove command, geometric entities can be removed from the partially drawn model.

This new capability should simplify the commands when displaying only a portion of the model.

The new Draw Remove command should not hide part of the model in normal display mode as it should only work when drawing a portion of the model.

Coreform said that, in the Cubit 2022.11 update, numerous customer-reported bugs were fixed.

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