BigRep adds industrial controls to its 3D printers, with more new technologies still to come

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BigRep has made its latest announcement off the back of a successful event at TCT Show where its new technologies were teased

Berlin-based BigRep has announced that its 3D printing systems are to now use Bosch Rexroth CNC control systems and drives as it takes its FDM 3D printers to the next level.

The news is billed as BigRep’s move into the world of professional production and automation, with its large build area models like the BigRep One and Studio already challenging on the potential scale of what can be produced.

“Across industries, customers are looking for reliable, controllable and efficient 3D printers in order to manufacture top quality parts”, says BigRep CEO Dr. Stephan Beyer.

“As BigRep is the first to integrate CNC-grade control systems in 3D printers, we will re-define Additive Manufacturing.

The Rexroth controls are also an excellent platform for providing our 3D printers with full connectivity for existing production and automation systems. This will establish 3D printing as a key industry 4.0 application.”

Clearly the German company is making a sustained effort to move on from its early incarnations as a novelty-sized FDM machine.


The more cultured Studio system is a serous piece of kit to be considered for product development workshops, and when speaking recently with Frank Marangell, president of BigRep USA, he promised revolutionary new technologies from BigRep to be unveiled later this year that will further cement the company’s presence in the market.

The goal is seen as ‘combining the experts in drive and control technologies with the experts in large-scale 3D printing’, in order to create faster, more cost-efficient creation of models, patterns, prototypes, tools and end-use products.

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