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Wacom launches Yuify digital rights management service

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Wacom has launched the open beta version of its new digital rights management service Wacom Yuify, helping users to prove authorship and manage usage rights.

Yuify enables artists to secure their exports by embedding a unique digital ID with a permanent record of registration, which can be used to trace the artwork back to its artist.

It injects invisible pixels into a digital artwork during export, and while the image remains unchanged, the micro-mark is designed to persist even if the image is manipulated after publishing, with blockchain technology securing these records of authorship permanently and makes them immutable.

Creators can use this digital rights management platform to manage their authorship records and generate templates for legally binding agreements to grant licenses.

The artist can secure the artwork when exporting files through a plug-in or export option directly from their creative software applications including Adobe Photoshop, Celsys Clip Studio Paint and Escape Motions Rebelle 7. This creates a micro-mark that stays on the artwork and generates a permanent record of authorship on the Yuify platform.

“In a digital and decentralised world, we want to focus on the artist as the source and origin of any artwork,”  says Heidi Wang, senior VP Wacom’s Ink Division. “Especially for creatives who are just starting on their professional journey, it is often difficult to protect their rights. With Wacom Yuify they now have a powerful tool to secure their authorship.”

Wacom Yuify is a free service available in the US, the European Union, the UK, Norway and Switzerland.