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OpenBOM adds new extension for Onshape

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OpenBOM for Onshape has been announced, bringing SaaS PLM to users with a new major release.

OpenBOM’s Bill of Materials functions are accessed by a new extension for the CAD assembly, allowing for cloud collaboration and bi-dierectional integration in the context of the assembly with images, part numbers, and descriptions to convey a complete BOM of what needs to be built.

“The new OpenBOM App Extension shows the power of Onshape SaaS and full cloud architecture by enabling contextual integration,” said PTC SaaS president Jon Hirschtick.

“It puts OpenBOM right where you want it, just one click away in the context of your Onshape assembly and parts,” said Hirschtick, adding that the new extension complements the CAD software and aids users by streamlining the design process, performing production planning and purchasing activity in a modern and efficient way.

By using the new extension, users can Catalog Items as a single source of truth, with live CAD integration.

Byron van Gool, IMBU mechanical engineering manager, explained how his team is using the software. “The suite of tools works extremely well for us. OpenBOM creates both Catalog inventories and Multi-Level BOMs directly from our [CAD] models.

“We rely on the ability of OpenBOM to integrate tightly with our Onshape design structure and create a Multi-Level BOM. We then connect our OpenBOM item master catalog to that BOM to enable reuse of our extensive items catalog.”


OpenBOM CEO Oleg Shilovitsky added that the entire experience of creating, maintaining and planning production Bill of Materials in Onshape has been “completely redesigned and improved.”

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