View 3D Rhino models on the iPad, iPhone and iTouch

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Robert McNeel and Associates has just launched iRhino 3D, a cool $3.99 app on the Apple App store which allows Rhino models to be loaded up on Apple’s touch-screen products, the iPad, iTouch and iPhone.

The product supports Rhino 3DM files from v1 to 5. The software displays surfaces and meshes, while at the moment curves, text and dimensions are omitted.

Once loaded from a web server, iTunes or Google docs, they can be quickly rotated, also with zoom and pan functions. It even supports 3D, so long as you have a handy 3D pair of glasses. It’s possible to markup, annotate and email. For the iPad, files can be opened from email

Models need to be shaded in Rhino before being saved. Currently file size is limited to 50Mb or 1 million polygons.

I will be trying this out later today!


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