Depix offer AI generated HDR backgrounds for infinite render styles

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Depix Technologies has unveiled its AI-driven software that lets users to create High Dynamic Range (HDR) panoramic images and backplates using text prompts for product visualisations.

Capable of generating HDR images in a striking 8K x 4K resolution or higher, the software claims to offer the most vivid and immersive visual experiences for any project.

Depix’s technology isn’t limited to one platform, as it states that it will be available across major 3D rendering applications, with forthcoming plugins for Autodesk, Blender, Catia, Solidworks, Siemens, Unity, and Unreal from Epic.

“This software revolutionizes the way professionals across industries like automotive design, video game development, product design, and film production can create and utilise 3D rendering,” said Depix CEO Philip Lunn, a former CEO of Bunkspeed, which was sold to Dassault Systèmes and incorporated into its software portfolio as Solidworks Visualise. “Our text-to-HDR feature enables an infinite array of backgrounds and matching high-resolution backplates.”

“This thing is crazy, you reallyhave to check it out to see justhow easy, effective, and fun it is to use!” he concluded.

Depix offers ‘creative control of generative AI behind the firewall for the visual enterprise’, allowing users to train the algorithms, generate limitless numbers of design concepts and with sophisticated controls to manage the entire process and generate the desired final outcomes.

The company, only recently out of stealth mode, has offices in London, UK; Montreal, Canada, and LA, California, and will be exhibiting in the UK at DEVELOP3D LIVE on 20 September, where attendees can get a first look at the software and sign up to the waitlist.



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