Materialise launch Arcam-specific Build Processor for electron beam melting

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Arcam’s Electron Beam Melting metals 3D printers will now have a dedicated Materialise build processor

Belgian 3D printing masters Materialise have joined with Arcam to create a build processor software for the Swedish company’s Electron Beam Melting (EBM) metals 3D printers.

The build processor aims to reduce the size of large STL files by using a compact file format and slice-based operations with Materialise’s slicing technology handling complex designs.

In addition, thanks to the two-way communication between the printer and the software, facilitated by Streamics, the build processor does not just tell the printer what to do, it can also pick up feedback from the printer, which enables the tracing and storage of data on specific jobs.

The system offers a controlled 3D printing environment, helping meet rigorous manufacturing requirements of, for example, the medical and aerospace sectors.


The Arcam Build Processor will be launched and available for purchase in the following weeks, with no link to the Magics release cycle.

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