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Trumpf sheet metal parts gets new business model

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The Trumpf Group and Munich Re are entering into a strategic partnership to create a ‘pay-per-part’ model for sheet metal laser cutters.

The goal is to enable customers to use a full-service laser machine without having to buy or lease any equipment, with the offering including access to a fully automatic laser cutting machine, a storage system, Trumpf’s production know-how, and the necessary service components, as well as equipment maintenance and the required raw materials.

Instead, customers will pay a previously agreed price for each cut sheet metal part – only paying for what they need, and making production processes more flexible and able to react faster to market changes.

Munich Re will act as the business enabler of this model – financing the machine and bearing the resulting investment risk.

The IoT service provider Relayr, a subsidiary of Munich Re, will provide the data analysis for the financing model.

Trumpf will in turn supply the customers with the required production components, namely the machines for their factory lines and the corresponding software and services for manufacturing sheet metal parts.

Klöckner & Co, one of the world’s largest producer-independent steel distributors, is already listed as a development partner of the business model.


“With this partnership, we are venturing into new business models more prominently than ever before,” said Mathias Kammüller, Trumpf Group MD and chief digital officer. “It is the first step towards providing our customers with an alternative to the traditional purchase of machines, enabling them to increase their production capacity without massive up-front investments.

“Furthermore, we believe that this offering will not only help our existing customers grow but also enable the acquisition of new customers.”

Initially, the partnership will commence as a project with a learning phase whose length is to be agreed upon by the contractual partners.

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