GrabCAD hit the movies helping to realise Terry Gilliam’s sic-fi designs

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Terry Gilliam’s latest Sci-Fi epic was assisted in the prop-building stage by GrabCAD’s Workbench collaboration tool

Fans of the batshit-crazy otherworldliness Sci-Fi of Terry Gilliam films will already know that his latest, The Zero Theorem, is set to be as crazy as ever.

What they might not know is that designers North Design Labs, working on a project for The Zero Theorem nipped over to 3D printing bureau Fathom in need of a highly detailed movie prop with a short lead-time.

The team wanted to 3D print a functional, futuristic, interactive gadget to be used by actors in the film, a unique case that would house a Samsung Galaxy tablet. The design included movable tabs and buttons that would activate the touch screen, triggering various lights and graphics.

Workbench connected the teams at North Design Labs and Fathom, helping them to meet the tight deadline


By using GrabCAD Workbench the teams from North Design Labs and Fathom could manage and collaborate on design files, producing the controller in record time to be used by the crazed hacker, played by Christopher Waltz in the film.

Workbench supported the fast-moving design environment, aided by Fathom whipping up prototypes and the final prop using its Stratasys Objet500 Connex printers.

The controller was prototyped and built by Fathom using its Stratasys Objet500 Connex 3D printer and its model making skills

GrabCAD will be hosting a webinar with Fathom on 17 September to show off just how they managed to pull it off.


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