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Protolabs launches new e-commerce platform in UK

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Protolabs has announced its new e-commerce platform for the UK, which will allow users to manage their prototyping or on-demand manufacturing through an updated user interface.

Users are able to create projects with multiple uploads; quotes can be shared with colleagues; real time pricing is visible based on project specifications and the new platform offers all three of the firm’s manufacturing services – 3D printing, CNC machining and injection moulding – in one place.

On the new Protolabs platform, to help choose between prototyping and on-demand manufacturing for injection moulding, the new platform includes a price curve tool that compares one option against the other.

The tool gives users full cost visibility – as part quantity is adjusted, cost changes are shown in real-time.

Protolabs believe that this will support bridge tooling, help with managing supply chain emergencies and be relevant throughout the whole product lifecycle, with users benefitting from ‘guaranteed lifetime’ mould maintenance and ownership.

The UK launch will be followed by a roll-out of the platform across the Americas in January 2021.

“Unprecedented changes in many of our markets are underway due to customer demand and the ongoing pandemic, but technological advancements in manufacturing are throwing the doors of innovation wide open to allow suppliers and their customer to pivot quickly,” said Protolabs CTO Rich Baker.


“That agility is often the difference between success and failure.”

Protolabs Europe VP and MD Bjoern Klaas, added: “The focus now, more than ever, is on speed and making sure new products are either first to market or ready when the end customer needs them.

“That is why we are so excited to be launching our new e-commerce platform in the UK and Europe.”

The company has recently invested in a £5m expansion of its European headquarters to support growth in demand for CNC machining and injection moulding, plus a €15m investment in a new 3D printing facility in Putzbrunn, Germany.

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