Voxel8 3D prints circuit boards and more on your desktop

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The Voxel8 3D printer can print electrical circuits into PLA models using silver ink

Voxel8 is set to launch its developer kit for its multi-material 3D printer that can also lay-down conductive silver ink to build in electrical circuits into models.

The $8,999 3D printer is the first desktop to come with the ability to print circuits in one go, an exciting thought for designers and engineers wanting to test a circuit early in the production process.

Launching at CES, Voxel8 has even produced a single-build quadcopter, with its connective circuitry and PLA built in one go, with the battery, and motors added in to the build during the printing process.

The technology is predominantly based on the work of Dr Jennifer Lewis, Voxel8’s founder and Wyss Professor of Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University.

“Voxel8 is leveraging over a decade of research, which has led to 17 patents (10 issued) on functional materials, printheads, and other processes for 3D printing, from my lab,” explained Dr Lewis.


“Our work provides the foundation for Voxel8’s effort to revolutionise multi-material 3D printing. To realise our vision, we have recruited a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in the advanced materials, precision hardware, intelligent software and design.”

Lewis’ team are working with Autodesk to strengthen its software, collaborating on Project Wire, a Spark powered design tool for 3D printed electronics.

The new software allows designers to plan out circuits and placement of components within the 3D printed build.

“We are excited to work with companies like Voxel8, because they are really pushing the boundaries of what 3D printing is capable of, and by incorporating conductive inks directly into 3D printing process, we can start to create things that have function after they are printed,” said Jeff Kowalski, CTO of Autodesk.

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