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MakerVerse and ESA BIC Bavaria building space parts for intrepid innovators

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MakerVerse and the ESA Business Incubation Centre Bavaria have partnered to launch an on-demand manufacturing platform focussed on parts for space-bound systems.

The strategic partnership to accelerate the development and production of innovative technologies for the space industry will make it easier for companies to create the precise, high-performance parts required, with a fully-vetted global supply chain that includes AS9100-certified manufacturers.

“We are excited to collaborate with ESA BIC Bavaria to support the next generation of space innovators,” said MakerVerse CEO Markus Seibold.

“Our digital manufacturing platform is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and precision, essential for the challenging space environment. Together, we will enable start-ups to bring their groundbreaking concepts to life,” he continued.

“Our mission is to support young start-ups in transforming their innovative ideas into market-ready products,” said Thorsten Rudolph, managing director at ESA BIC Bavaria.

“MakerVerse’s manufacturing capabilities will empower our start-ups to accelerate their development cycles and achieve greater efficiency in their production processes.”

Start-ups will be able to leverage the full range of materials, finishes, and manufacturing methods necessary to produce space compliant parts, including additive manufacturing, CNC machining.


The partnership promises dedicated support and regular project updates in order to keep companies in the loop and ensure timely deliveries, with comprehensive quality inspections and certificates available as needed.

MakerVerse hopes that these services will enable start-ups to rapidly develop and produce high-performance components tailored to the unique demands of space applications.

Founded in 2022 MakerVerse is headquartered in Berlin, Germany and has already positioned itself as an on demand manufacturing platform for everything from initial prototypes to full-scale production. It’s investors include Siemens Energy and Zeiss, and investors including 9.5 Ventures.