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GrabCAD platform gets production-scale upgrade for AM

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The GrabCAD Additive Manufacturing Platform has been launched by Stratasys as the 3D printing giant’s software arm gets an enterprise-ready, production-grade makeover.

Stratasys says its platform is specifically designed for the unique needs of additive manufacturing across the entire digital thread – from design through production – while also integrating with Industry 4.0 infrastructure and enterprise applications.

Billed as an open platform, by 2022 Stratasys promises that the new platform will offer third party printer integration, as well as advanced user and group access control, integrated license management for system, software and materials, as well as advanced analytics and data visualisation.

The GrabCAD Additive Manufacturing Platform integrates current and new applications along with third-party GrabCAD Software Partners via the GrabCAD Software Development Kit (SDK).

“We see manufacturers moving their 3D printing operations from the lab to the production floor, and that significantly increases operational requirements for everything from productivity to quality assurance,” said Nadav Goshen, executive VP software, Stratasys.

“Our enterprise software stack specifically for 3D printing, can be a catalyst for the growth of the additive manufacturing software market. It enables customers to efficiently manage ever larger and more complex operations to produce consistent, high-quality production parts at scale.

“This is an essential part of our vision to digitally transform manufacturing operations around the world.”


GrabCAD Additive Manufacturing Platform OTHER

GrabCAD Additive Manufacturing Platform applications include:

GrabCAD Print – Connects the workflow between Design for Additive Manufacturing and 3D print preparation. GrabCAD Print is CAD-agnostic, uses best-in-class security protocols, and is managed on the desktop or mobile

GrabCAD ShopLaunched in October 2020, the Cloud-based software-as-a-service work order management application that simplifies the 3D printing workflow. All orders are managed in one location and are easily assigned to all networked printers, including Stratasys and non-Stratasys systems

GrabCAD Print Manager – A new application that enables manufacturers to manage fleets of industrial 3D printers. GrabCAD Print Manager manage licenses to software and open material partners and provides customers the ability to view and manipulate production print schedules and view in-depth reports via desktop or mobile. Additional admin and access control are on the way with more details expected to be announced in early 2022.

GrabCAD Software Development Kit (SDK) – Industry 4.0-ready SDKs provide API’s, documentation, code samples and support integration with enterprise IT as well as third-party applications for account management, asset management, planning and order management, security, quality management, and analytics

In addition to Stratasys’ own GrabCAD applications, the platform is open to any software vendor that meets requirements such as references and performance testing, via an SDK licensing fee.

Stratasys has added a dozen partners since the beginning of 2021 including AMFG, Teton Simulation and Link3D.

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