GrabCAD shop update 2020

GrabCAD Shop adds new costing features

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GrabCAD Shop has added new features in its latest version, including a new cost calculator to help speed up and process work orders.

When a print operator receives a new print job, they can immediately enter material and time estimates directly in the GrabCAD Shop work order, generating an automatic price that is based on the rates previously configured.

GrabCAD Shop is also capable of displaying a further breakdown of rates and costs, and is able to quickly adjust to add additional costs or discounts.

To enable cost estimations in GrabCAD Shop per material or per machine, Shop administrators need to first configure their costs, materials and machine use time. These rates can then be used while quoting an order, providing an effective cost analysis of shop operations.

New reporting functionality has also been added, helping to improve processes and workflows, letting users pull up numbers on Orders per user, machine, materials requests or simply orders within a specific date range.

Operators can now assign themselves to a specific order, maintaining that only they receive chat alerts with the requester, and reducing annoying communication noise for anyone not involved.

Order and part statuses can now be customised to display the data a user cares about the most.


The latest Stratasys PolyJet 3D printers have been added to the GrabCAD Shop machine database, including the Stratasys J55 3D printer.

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