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Brooks energises running shoe with 3D-printed midsole tech

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The Brooks Exhilarate-BL features 3DNA, a 3D-printed midsole technology that delivers a propulsive, bouncy ride, making it the first from the brand to be tuned to groups of sizes based on runner data so that each runner has the optimal cushioning and spring with each stride.

The midsole has been developed and produced using HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology, with HP stating that the sole can return more energy than 90% of the midsoles in running shoes on the market today.

The new shoe was developed by Brooks‘ in-house R&D lab, Brooks BlueLine Lab, and devised around harnessing technology, biomechanical research, engineering and design to advance the power of running shoes.

Nikhil Jain, director of footwear product line management and BlueLine, said: “Using HP’s 3D printing technology has allowed our design team to fine-tune elements of the midsole right down to the millimetre in ways that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible.

“As a brand rooted in the science that every individual has a unique motion path, we’re just scratching the surface in terms of how we can change the underfoot experience and use 3D printing to deliver a premium, performance run experience with the potential for greater optimisation.”

Brooks will release a limited number of Exhilarate-BL pairs, as part of a test and learn program, to select testers and Run Club loyalty members who have synced their wearable devices through Brooks’ platform, in partnership with DashLX.

Through wearables, the footwear designers are able to access runner data including their stride lengths, cadences, and other factors influenced by height and weight that will help inform future iterations running shoes featuring 3DNA.


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