Something for the weekend – wearable chair might just be what you need

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Designed for the factory worker, the Noonee support device allows you to take the weight off

Designed for the long-suffering factory workers of this world, doing manual tasks repeatedly for long hours, the Noonee lower-leg posture support device is a product of many uses.

It’s a low-cost exoskeleton, that when strapped to the wearer allows them to semi-squat, taking the weight off their limbs and joints – according to its Swiss designers Audi and BMW are reportedly interested.

But imagine what else it could do for us naturally lazy, stooped people, who are always looking for a pew?

For the times in the pub when no bar stools are available; at the football when standing is a pain, but by fully sitting you can’t see anything; when crammed in on a particularly busy train. It’s the future I tell you!

Weighing only 2kg thanks to an aluminium and carbon fibre frame, the manufacturers suggest that it could be sold to the general public soon. However, the device is battery powered with a lifetime of around 24 hours.


So remember to charge it up before heading to the Red Lion this weekend, and under no circumstances share this post with budget airlines…

The device weighs only 2kg, and is strapped to the users legs

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