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T3DMC unveils new 3D scanners

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The 3D Measurement Company (T3DMC) has announced the all-new TrackScan P22 optical tracking scanner and a versatile AXE B11 3D portable scanner.

T3DMC says that the TrackScan P22 offers rapid and accurate acquisition of dimensional data and key geometric information.

By combining 3D laser scanning technology with a 0.020 mm resolution with a flexible probing function at 0.030 mm single-point repeatability, TrackScan P22 is set up to deliver accurate data without the use of reference markers.

Thanks to its portable CMM T-Probe, it looks well suited to demanding inspection applications for determining the dimensional accuracy of drilled holes, edges and cylindrical components.

The TrackScan P22 has the ability to still capture data from the handheld scanner, even when out of the line of site of the tracking camera.

A red laser scan mode maximises flexibility and productivity, while a blue laser mode is capable of capturing more detail.

The second launch is the new AXE-B11 portable scanner.


Featuring 11 crossed blue lasers and a claimed measuring rate of 1,300,000 measurements per second, the AXE-B11 should captures data rapidly

In addition, a single blue laser line feature should enable data capture for deep holes and complex objects in locations with limited accessibility.

An integrated photogrammetry system delivers improved volumetric accuracy of 0.020 mm/m and absolute accuracy of 0.020 mm, and removed the need for additional devices or accessories.

“We are very excited about bringing these innovative 3D scanning solutions to the UK market”, explained T3DMC MD Adam Stanley.

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