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First Robotics team saves time for design with DriveWorks

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Entrants to the US schools STEM challenge, First Robotics, are looking to automate their design process by using software from DriveWorks.

Team 4905 Andromeda One are using DriveWorks Solo to configure and design of their competition robot’s drive train.

The software’s configurator allows them to choose from a set of parameters including length, depth, height, gearbox, gear ratios and wheel types.

The team make the selections and DriveWorks Solo creates the models based on the options selected. This means the 3D CAD models are completed sooner, letting the hardware team get started on building the drive train earlier in the build season – giving Andromeda One a head start on other team.

As part of the First Robotics Supplier Sponsorship, teams can now request a free 12-month license of DriveWorks Solo – with multiple free training videos and resources available online – to help them automate repetitive Solidworks tasks and free up time for quality robot design.

Additionally, two students from the Andromeda One team became the first high school students in the world to become Certified DriveWorksXpress Associates.


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