World’s first consumer 3D printing show hits London this October

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With 3D printing technology becoming more readily available to creatives, makers, hackers and general swathes of humanity, it was only a matter of time till we could all converge at a dedicated event in the UK.

19 – 21 October will see 3D Print Show open its doors, not only to the usual clans of besuited and polo-necked trade people, but to anyone with a general interest in the technology.

MakerBot, i.materialise and Anarkik 3D will all be onsite at the event held at London’s The Brewery, along with your very own DEVELOP3D.
Key features will include:

· 3D Print Show Live: Running across all three days will be a series of exclusive events with 3D printed fashion, unique design pieces and musicians performing entirely on 3D printed instruments
· Seminars and workshops: Over fifty seminars and workshops, presented by industry specialists, designers and innovators.
· Specially commissioned work: Cutting edge designers like Silvia Weidenbach and Tobias Klein will be collaborating to create unique work exclusive for the show
· A 3D Printshow Manifesto: The show will also see the development of a 3D Printing Manifesto that will help raise awareness of the technology, bridging the gap between the advancement of the technology and consumer awareness

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