zSpace unveils all-in-one VR desktop for Education

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zSpace has released an all-in-one desktop virtual reality solution specifically designed for education.

The appropriately named zSpace for Education is a hardware and software solution that allows students to manipulate virtual, 3D objects ranging from human hearts to helicopters aiding learning in maths, physics, engineering and biology.
zSpace says that, unlike other virtual reality solutions that can be isolating, such as head-mounted displays, zSpace for Education encourages interaction and group collaboration.

Previously, the zSpace system consisted of a virtual reality monitor and separate computer. The miniaturisation of the device has, in part, been made possible by the inclusion of a AMD FirePro W5170M, a graphics processor usually found in mobile workstations.

zSpace for Education also includes AMD’s LiquidVR technology, which harnesses AMD GPU hardware sub-systems to make the virtual reality experience as ‘comfortable and as realistic as possible’.

zSpace says the new machine will lead to greater availability and lower cost for schools, which typically purchase a zSpace STEM lab: a set of 12 student virtual reality stations and a teacher station, each outfitted with an interactive stylus as well as a wide variety of educational software.