Training series added for BobART to get most out of creative CNC machining

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29 individual videos make up the core of this end to end training kit

A new training product from BobCADCAM is aiming to help users get the most from features and advanced functionality within its BobART add-on.

The BobART software offers a wide range of image vectorisation and relief modelling functionality that can be translated into machine programming code for 2.5, 3, 4, and 5-axis CNC machines.

The BobART Training Professor Video Series offers 29 individual videos for the software used by sign makers, custom woodworking shops, and mould makers to turn pictures into machine programming code and relief models for 3D machining.

The new training guide takes users through the basics – from vectorising images, to setting up a stock


As well as the videos, the kit includes a 357-page digital training manual, individual training tutorials and the corresponding CAD files used during the onscreen lessons

The detailed digital workbook guides the user step-by-step through each lesson and includes a library of lesson-ready CAD files that correspond with the workbook tutorials.

Each lesson is self-contained and portable allowing the user to learn the software at their own pace.

Image vectorisation (for using images to emboss and sculpt), relief and embossing features, setting up a stock and V-Carving are all covered.

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