New motion capture glove for CAD launching at DEVELOP3D Live

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Inertial motion capture systems specialists Animazoo will be unveiling a world first at DEVELOP3D Live, a gyro-based finger tracking glove with unprecedented accuracy.

Taking just 30 seconds to calibrate it can transmit realtime data wirelessly, using 12 micro sensors to capture of individual finger joint movement with incredible accuracy.

Attendees to DEVELOP3D Live will be the first to see a live demo of the IGS Glove developed for users who need to collect hand and finger movement for research, design, ergonomics, prototyping and simulation.

Until now, hand tracking gloves have required up to an hour of calibration and set up time; a process repeatable from user to user. The IGS Glove takes just 30 seconds to set up and requires no configuration before use or between users.

Optical sensors are an option, but the technology limits its usability to operational environments where line-of-sight tracking is possible. Extra time is often spent manually adding key-frames in post-production to fix occlusion errors. The IGS Glove allows hand and finger tracking in any outdoor or indoor location and any situation.

Animazoo’s R&D team in co-operation with sensor manufacturer Inertial Labs have developed the smallest inertial sensors commercially available that can register every possible movement made by a hand.


The 12 micro sensors allow the capture of individual finger joint movement with incredible accuracy.

To ensure all movements are completely natural, the glove has been designed to be highly flexible and comfortable; micro fibre mesh is used at the palm and finger tips to allow unrestricted movement and to ensure the user can “feel” through the glove to ensure accurate results.

There is no need for studios and designers to purchase new software as the IGS Glove is ready out of the box, fully compatible with major software packages like Unity, Motionbuilder, Siemens JACK & PSH and Dassault Delmia and Catia.

“We are very excited to be launching the IGS Glove at Develop3D Live!” hurrahed Mark Lewis, Animazoo head of sales. “We invite delegates to swing by our stand to try it out for themselves and see how it can benefit so many stages of product development.

“After 2 years of research we have developed a solution that brings the real-time efficiency and accuracy of our inertial motion capture suites to the tip of the finger. Capturing and analysing actual human interaction with prototypes at this level of detail will reduce design iterations and improve ergonomic assessment which will ultimately lead to cost savings.”

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