Visionary Render is making virtual reality easily accessible for engineers

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Visionary Render software allows users to experience a real-time, interactive and immersive virtual reality environment created from huge 3D datasets

Last year, virtual reality (VR) company Virtalis launched Visionary Render, an advanced visualisation package for the CAD community. Following beta testing, new release v1.1 is now shipping.

Specifically aimed at engineering communities, the software allows users to look at their data in a high level of detail whether working alone, in small groups, or collaborating with distant colleagues in a common virtual environment.
Data can be imported directly from a range of data sources, maintaining naming, hierarchies and the all-important metadata.

Once the data is imported into Visionary Render’s virtual reality environment, scenes can be created that enable users to carry out a range of tasks that include validating maintenance procedures, performing detailed design reviews or verifying assembly and manufacturing processes.


Watch this video for a general overview of Visionary Render.


“I am exceptionally proud of what the Virtalis R&D team have managed to pack into Version 1.1.From floating licences to capped sectioning, Version 1.1 represents an enormous advance in 3D rendering technology,” says Virtalis’ technical director, Andrew Connell.

Following work with its beta testers including Raytheon, AMRC, Vestas, Rolls-Royce and BAE, Visionary Render v1.1 is now ready to ship.

For a full look at what’s new in this release, read the ‘What’s New in Visionary Render v1.1’ document here.

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