Beautiful yet bizarre bicycle designs of the human mind

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Ever tried to draw a bicycle from memory? It’s tougher than it sounds, but to celebrate the creations (often wacky, out of scale, and suicidally out of kilter) designer Gianluca Gimini has rendered the sketches of others into life.

In 2009 he began pestering his friends and random strangers with a pen and a paper, asking them to draw a men’s bicycle from memory.

Soon he found most people have a very hard time remembering exactly how a bike is made – a device Gimini suggests is used in psychological testing to demonstrate how our brain sometimes tricks us into thinking we know something even though we don’t.


With a collection of hundreds of drawings, Gimini suggests that the collection is very precious: “There is an incredible diversity of new typologies emerging from these crowd-sourced and technically error-driven drawings.

“A single designer could not invent so many new bike designs in 100 lifetimes and this is why I look at this collection in such awe.”

You can find more about the project and Gimini’s other works – flitting between art, graphic and product design – here.

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