Theorem releases Multi-CAD ‘CADverter’ for PTC Creo

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Theorem’s Multi-CAD plug-in allows PTC Creo data to work interactively within Catia

Theorem Solutions has launched Multi-CAD, a new ‘smart PLM’ tool benefitting those working with PLM and design data collaborations between Catia and PTC Creo.

Developed specifically for Catia V5 and V6 and PTC Creo, the plugin transforms collaboration by enabling the Dassault Systèmes software user to work interactively with Creo parametric data directly from within a Catia design environment.

Able to process tessellated and precise data plus product manufacturing information, Theorem’s Multi-CAD solution can be run from within the V5 or V6 interface or configured to batch process multiple files for improved efficiency.
The latter of these two workflows looks especially useful for when working with large volumes of data for improved integration and managed associativity.

Theorem suggests that this pushes the collaborative possibilities “further than ever before” by seamlessly integrating into PLM systems.

Design changes in non Catia formats maintain their associativity inside V5 or V6 and alerts the Catia user each time a part is updated or saved to the PLM system.


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