Project Ventus from Autodesk Labs looks to wrap up CFD simulation

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Autodesk Labs has announced Project Ventus, a surface wrapping tool for CFD simulation

Q3, that ever so sexy way of saying ‘summer is almost over’, is upon us, which more positively gives us some new software from Autodesk Labs to get excited about.

Autodesk Labs has announced Project Ventus for Simulation CFD, a surface wrapping tool to take a model, surface wrap it, add an external volume, and generate a CFD quality mesh that can be imported to Simulation CFD.

According to Labs program manager Scott Sheppard: “The intent is to easily generate a mesh for CAD models that might otherwise be difficult or impossible to mesh for CFD simulations without extensive CAD cleanup.”
It sounds like a time-saving tool for what can already be an overly fiddly process, with the tech preview intended for external flow analysis or wind tunnel type models.

Autodesk is specifically looking for Simulation CFD 2014/2015 and SimCFD 360 users to participate.

You can find out more here.


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