Simulation: Next generation CAE promised by MSC’s ‘Predator Project’

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MSC’s new CAE software, codenamed ‘Predator Project’ potentially has a great-looking user interface, but promises even more under the bonnet

Google ‘Predator Project’ and a litany of things will crop up:

Interpol’s operation in Asia to combat illegal big cat poaching; the European Commission’s improvement of safety-critical embedded systems; an artist that makes mirrors in the form of human silhouettes and leaves them in a forest, probably to scare dog walkers.

Yet it’s also the codename for MSC’s secretive new computational parts-based CAE system, due to launch on 30 September, which promises to let users engage in real-time trade studies and exchange behavioral models with the supply chain without compromising their IP.

Due to launch on 30 September, adopters are told to expect up to 10-times more productivity with the new product


A splash site, replete with countdown clock (something has to replace Apple’s), promises to ‘Bring Simulation Upfront in Design’, meaning faster simulations done earlier in the design process to save time and cost.

It’s suggesting that this could be the quick and easy solution to your CAE problems, stating a CAD to Mesh process up to 50-times faster than current tools, with easy adoptability.

Integrated solver methods similarly offer big gains, with figures showing 10-times the productivity in model preparation through a complete set of geometry creation and repair tools for faster model clean-up.

Expect more news in the coming weeks.

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