Digital manufacturing: Local Motors’ 3D printed car

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The final steps are being taken to the completion of Local Motors’ collaboratively designed 3D printed car

Local Motors is taking its final steps towards completing its first full scale 3D printed car right under the noses of the thousands of people attending IMTS in Chicago.

Designed, engineered and prepared for printing by its online collaborative community, named the Strati, it finished its prototype stage three months ago when a drivable mule was built.

Since then the final product has been well underway, being produced on a modified Cincinnati Inc CNC machine – the BAAM (Big Area Additive Manufacturing) – a giant FDM printer.

The printed shell is currently sat on a bed of a giant Cincinnati Inc router, as the rough gradient lines of the FDM print are smoothed.

It’s a great concept, and although it probably isn’t passing the relevant crash/fire/safety tests, and probably costs a small fortune to produce, it shows the level to which Local Motors is pushing digital design and manufacturing to change the current landscape.

Keep up to date with its progress via the excellent Local Motors blog here.

The car components have been printed on a giant modified CNC machine


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