Renishaw and Aeromet to optimise high-performance alloy for AM

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Renishaw and Aeromet International (a specialist in the casting field) have signed an agreement to add Aeromet’s A20X aluminium alloy to Renishaw’s additive manufacturing capabilities.

This will mean the two organisations will work together to develop process parameters and material properties for Renishaw’s machines. allowing them to use these alloys in powder form.

If you’re not familiar with the alloy, A20X is a family of high strength aluminium/copper alloys developed by Aeromet for use in the aerospace field, with both a castable alloy (which is MMPDS approved) and a variant for additive manufacturing.
Mike Bond, Director of AMT a Division of Aeromet, said: “A20X is being rapidly adopted for additive manufacture of aero engine, airframe, space, defence and automotive parts.

“It’s unique combination of high strength, high ductility and performance at high operating temperatures make it ideal for light-weight, stressed components. We look forward to making processing techniques for this innovative alloy more widely available to accelerate its adoption.”

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