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Mechdyne claims bandwidth advantage for remote desktop

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According to the company, even those working from home with varying connectivity speeds are assured an excellent user experience.

TGX 2.0 enables users work remotely with demanding 3D graphics applications at up to 4k resolution with ‘extremely low latency’.

Applications can be accessed remotely from either a physical or virtual workstation, so the data can stay at the main office or a datacentre, removing the security risk of data residing on laptops.

The software also gives an option to invite colleagues and contributors into a collaborative experience.

Mechdyne TGX 2.0 Remote Desktop was originally designed for geoscience data review and collaboration in the oil/gas industry but is now used in many other areas including engineering, geosciences, visual effects and broadcast.

DEVELOP3D readers can access a free trial version of TGX here.


Lenovo is also is offering a free 120-day licence of the software.

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