Prime Cuts: Boom Badda-Boom – Natal drums bang it

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Marshall Amplification is known for creating a rock’n’roll racket, and with its takeover of Natal Drums, it hasn’t taken long for it to make some noise with new designs.

Marshall founder Jim Marshall was an accomplished drummer during the early sixties in London. Following demand from guitarists who tended to accompany drummers visiting his shop to try out kit, he then began building the now famous Marshall amplifiers.

Nearly half a century later, Marshall have returned to drums by acquiring Natal – a relatively new company when it comes to producing drums – inputting all its know how from its rockstar connections to try and make the perfect kit.

– Designed in the UK, each drum contains as many as 60 separate parts, all of which need extended designing and prototyping before the finished element is ready for general production.

Autodesk Inventor


is used to produce the mechanical designs and digital prototypes before anything is done physically.

– Marshall already uses a tough, compact and versatile 3D milling to cover a huge range of materials, from foam through to aluminum.

– Although the design team had considered other technologies, such as a 3D printer, it decided to invest in a Roland MDX-540 milling machine to machine the intricate parts.

– By making the prototype parts from the same materials as the final product, it allows for rigorous testing, and accurate sound quality.

But of course, you want to see them in action:

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