CEL Robox launch smarter, larger, RoboxPro 3D printer

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During the heyday of the 3d printing boom, we saw a lot of companies spring up, make a lot of noise then disappear in more recent time, but one that has stuck around is CEL’s Robox brand.

Unlike many other startups in the space, Robox benefitted from founder, Chris Elsworthy’s background and experience in power tool design (he appeared on Dragon’s Den) and it’s initial Robox desktop machine and the dual extrusion capable RoboxDual, has gained a pretty solid reputation since 2014.

CEL is back with a brand-new model, the RoboxPRO, building on the lessons learned with the initial products, but with a much larger build capacity.

The dual extrusion machine alongside it’s 210 x 300 x 400mm build capacity, will include a new print head (including a ruby tipped nozzle, perfect for those more aggressive filaments) integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, its flexible magnetic build plate, key-locking door, on-board touch-screen controller, a HEPA air filtration system, and web access with real-time monitoring and alerts. Interestingly, there’s also a dry cabinet that will be sold alongside, providing a moisture-free storage space for filament and direct feed of large reels to the 3D printer.

With a launch price of £3,333, it’s pretty impressive, particularly given that it’s manufactured in the UK.


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