Siemens PLM acquires Vistagy for Composites Design

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The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved with Carbon Fibre-based production

This is a pretty bold move by the Siemens PLM folks.

Composites are rife and everywhere you look: from their traditional and nascent use in auto-sport which has been leading the pack in terms of short batch composite parts for decades, composites now everywhere, cars, planes, even cell phones. With this boom in interest in composites, along with it comes the need to define exactly how those components are manufactured. From tape placement and optimisation to the need to accurate run the increasingly complex machines that are automating production.

If you’re wondering how complex things get, this video from Lexus shows exactly where the state of the art is.

Siemens PLM has just acquired Vistagy, one of the leading players in the composites design technology market with its flagship product, FiberSim. Alongside FiberSim, which focusses on the development of laiminate and ply creation methods, Vistagy has a host of other ancillary products that cover all manner of things from quality management and into highly specialised areas such as Seat Design (though it’ll be interesting to see how things like the Catia integrated Seat Design Environment are handled following Siemens’ acquisition).


Here’s another video showing how tape placement machines are working at a frankly baffling scale.

Look at the size of that autoclave!

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