Hitting stealth mode in the eco-conscious Fisker Karma

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Any car that comes with a bonafide stealth mode was always going to end up on here.

The Karma, is California-based Fisker’s latest eco-conscious model, with the ability to toggle between an all-electric, whispery quiet ‘Stealth Mode’ or fuel assisted ‘Sport Mode’ with the simple shift of the paddle.

Its Captain Planet credentials don’t stop with the power plant (incidentily, it’s a 2.0 liter 260 HP 4-cylinder direct injection petrol engine, with 981 lb/ft of torque instantly available at 0RPM), the roof is the largest solar glass roof ever designed for a production vehicle, giving you 200 miles travel for free each year; F1-style regenerative breaking technology; a water-based paint containing a recycled glass flake mixture for shine; and an interior trim made from sustainable reclaimed wood.

Fisker’s design team worked with Catia enabling Fisker to work from a single architecture for everything from wire harness design through Class A surfacing, while PLM system, Enovia, manages the design data across multiple global locations.

“Catia’s functionality in both solid and surface modelling has enabled Fisker to develop a more efficient product development process where all design elements are integrated through one model, eliminating non-value added math conversion time,” said Fisker’s director of operations Paul Houghton through the open window of his own Karma, while sipping from a vegan wheat-grass smoothie.

“This allows us to focus more on creativity so that we can deliver vehicles with unique styling in shorter time frames.”


It’s a beautiful reason to drive down to the bottle-bank and even out your own tortured karma… On which note:


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