Caffeine kicks with TS Design and the single cup Coffee Gourmet filter

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A single cup of blessed joy – simplified filter coffee by the cup thanks to Coffee Gourmet

Amongst the unabashed vices all at DEVELOP3D labour around our necks like family size albatrosses, coffee is close to being the biggest – so a new means of administering caffeine caught our eye.

The single cup filter system from coffee gourmet has been two years in development, working with filter coffee suppliers along the way to get the perfect cup of joe.

Started by a pair of engineers who were looking for a way to get perfect coffee for even the smallest of cups, the evolution found itself on the doorstep of TS Design, whereby a digital design process took hold, speeding it through prototyping and onto Kickstarter.

Units were used straight off the 3D printer for functionality testing


Having a great idea is one thing, but taking it through iterative design and prototyping is another, which is where TS Design and its 3D skills came in handy – there’s only one way to tell if the design makes the coffee you lust for, and that’s through trial and error.

To accommodate this variations of the design were tweaked and 3D printed on a MakerBot. Different shapes, sizes and positioning in the cup were all fiddled with, along with some aesthetic tweaks.

These could be used for testing with some coffee addicted test subjects, accounting for feedback, until the design was perfected and taken back into CAD for some nice renders to be produced, along with final manufacturing data.

Some of the prototypes used in the design iteration

The resulting product looks like it could be a designer’s best friend for that instant at-desk hit of coffee, so much so that you might end up secreting them around different parts of the house and on your person…

You can check out more on the design and even buy one via the Coffee Gourmet Kickstarter page.

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