EOS advocates for transparency with new ways to recycle materials

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EOS has launched its used polymer take-back programme aimed to reduce material waste and has also added EOS Aluminium AISi10Mg to its Responsible Products portfolio.

It has partnered with Agiplast, a specialist company in the regeneration of high-performance polymers, to create VIRTUCYCLE, which transforms used polymer materials into recycled high-performance injection moulding granules using sustainably sourced energy.

EOS performed a third party verified life cycle analysis on the programme to verify its positive impact, confirming that 1kg of polymer material was turned into 0.945kg granules.

The results showed that approximately 7kg CO2e is saved in comparison to raw material.

Additionally, a minimum of 30% recycled feedstock is now incorporated into Aluminium AISi10Mg, ensuring a 25% CO2e reduction compared to previous compositions.

The new formulation retains the same characteristics and performance in the additive manufacturing process that have made Aluminium AISi10Mg one of EOS’s most popular products.

These characteristics include a yield strength of 245 MPa, 5% elongation at break, and an ultimate tensile strength of 460 MPa.


Product specialist for metal materials Sophia Heyl said: “We are striving to create carbon footprint transparency for our premium metal materials.”

“These externally verified numbers are also providing transparency to our customers.”

Additional EOS Responsible Products include PA 1101 ClimateNeutral biobased products, where all remaining GHG emissions are offset with carbon credits.

PA 2200 CarbonReduced materials also have reduced GHG emissions through green energy being used in the production process.

EOS also has a Carbon Calculator which considers the carbon emissions and key cost metrics of additive manufacturing projects.

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