Onshape cloud 3D CAD system now available on Android phones and tablets

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The CAD on the Cloud software is now available on Android devices

Five months on from its highly anticipated debut, Onshape has announced that its full-cloud 3D CAD system is now available to use on devices running Android.

Already available on Apple iPhones and iPads, and through a web browser on Mac, Windows, and Linux, adding Android users to the fold completes the mobile set.

The team behind the cloud CAD product are clear that the mobile app is not intended to replace Onshape’s use on desktops and laptops – it is meant to expand a CAD user’s access to their work outside the home or office.

The Onshape team have aimed to make sketching easy with touch-based finger offset tools


“We founded Onshape with a vision to make CAD accessible on any device, anywhere,” says Onshape founder and Chairman of the Board, Jon Hirschtick.

“We’re proud to be the first in the industry to run on Android. And by ‘run,’ I mean really run. You’re not just viewing models. You’re able to sketch, extrude, fillet, shell, create 3D models, edit their shape and size, and put them into assemblies. Wherever you go, Onshape is there.”

Control of CAD models is finger and gesture controlled, with the team working hard to create a usable interface for CAD on the small screen.


“When we first started, a lot of people were skeptical that CAD could be done on such a small device,” explains Ravi Reddy, team lead for Onshape Mobile.

“We solved the precision selection problem and made sketching easy with touch-based finger offset tools. We added intuitive lock and unlock modes to help with pan, zoom, and rotate operations for sketching and assemblies.

“We rejected the standard notion of providing a view-only version of CAD on mobile or choosing a subset of features,” he adds. “We were determined to build a full CAD product that can be used anywhere and from any device.”

If you’re interested in having a go, you can create a free account here.

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