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nTopology adds new UK reseller in MSL

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nTopology has partnered with MSL to become nTopology’s first UK reseller, assisting with support and aiding users to develop revolutionary products, particularly for additive manufacturing.

By utilising implicit modelling, nTopology allows engineers to work on the most complex of shapes at speeds that aren’t possible with conventional CAD platforms and in a robust and efficient manner. This is particularly important when designing many parts with many features, such as perforations, textures and intricate and potentially varying lattice structures.

“We see a natural customer fit for the addition of the nTopology software across many sectors, from heavy industry, aerospace, automotive and energy through to motorsport and Formula 1,” said MSL managing director Andrew Tagg.

“We have a significant number of existing customers in the UK, and we work with them closely to understand the pain points in their processes. With nTopology we are now able to offer additional benefits to compliment traditional CAD and Analysis software options.”

Tagg added: “The intention is not to suggest customers replace their existing design software as we recognise the value of it and the significant investment that has gone into implementing and maintaining these systems. However, nTopology can complement existing design solutions to optimise additive design resulting in faster design creation, improved lightweighting and lattice structure designs, design using data such as stress analysis results from 3rd parties into new designs, whilst continually striving to save on material costs.”

MSL has over 24 years experience of supplying the UK industry with measuring equipment and offers a full range of Creaform 3D scanning solutions.

To demonstrate the company’s commitment to the nTopology partnership, the MSL team has recently expanded to add engineer Joe Winston to the team, as its nTopology account manager, with the sole focus to develop its AM offering.


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