Prodways takes step to making it a ‘Big Three’ of 3D printing vendors

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A range of Farsoon’s SLS machines [left] will soon be available across Europe and the US under the Prodway’s brand, joining the French companies line of industrial SLA machines [right]

Prodways, a subsidiary of French nuclear, defence and technology company Groupe Gorgé, has continued its expansion into 3D printing with the signing of a major partnership with the Chinese company Hunan Farsoon High-Tech.

Based on Farsoon’s Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technologies for plastic and metal powders, a full range of “Prodways powered by Farsoon” 3D printers will be marketed worldwide by Prodways in the coming months, together with related materials.

Added to Prodways’ substantial industrial SLA offerings, it means the company will become the only non-American company to offer a wide range of technologies using plastic and metal powders, as well as liquid resins.
Farsoon is, according to its marketing, the third-largest manufacturer in the world of industrial 3D printing machines using SLS, with its own industrial facilities dedicated to the manufacture of sintering powder for additive manufacturing, which, according to Farsoon, makes it the second-largest manufacturer in the world of SLS materials.

Prodways announced that it had acquired a significant stake in Varia 3D, based in Texas, USA.

A long-standing commercial partner of Farsoon, Varia 3D offers service bureau activities, machine maintenance and also technical upgrades on machines, with significant expertise in selective laser sintering, strengthening Prodways’ footprint in the United States.


The company has stated its aim of becoming the third-largest player in the world to offer an industrial multi-technological product range. These moves, tied to its previous acquisitions such as that of British company Norge Systems last March, see it gathering momentum.

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