HWTrek simplifies hardware creation with new cloud-based collaboration tools

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HWTrek provides online planning and team collaboration tools to aid and simplify the product development process

HWTrek has announced an update to its platform that adds cloud-based collaboration features to specifically improve IoT manufacturing supply chain visibility and transparency and increase efficiency.

Based in Taiwan and Shenzhen, HWTrek (Hardware Trek) acts as a ‘matchmaker’ in the hardware creation world, where hardware companies (‘creators’) and those that have hardware solutions, components, insight and services (‘experts’) can meet on a collaborative platform to create smart hardware and bring it to market.

To date, more than 9,000 ‘creators’ have created 2,500 projects on the platform and have been connected to 1,900 of its trusted manufacturing and supply chain ‘experts’ from Shenzhen, Taiwan and Japan.

The latest update to HWTrek includes the ability to create specialised groups based on the task at hand


The new cloud-based collaboration features include:

– Group-based problem solving and task management – create groups to resolve issues, facilitate communications and task assignments within your internal and partner project team
– To-do list – collects all messages in need of urgent attention
– Exclusive, unique contact list – track partners and team members, frequent contacts, and potential collaborators
– Work stored in a central location – all essential project documents, pictures, videos, presentations, and any other materials in single location
– Document timestamping – ensures that your team is using the latest version

“The HWTrek platform is very useful to find partners and experts from various fields. A very useful feature is to invite experts, like the HWTrek team, to join the group conversation and help to evaluate potential partners and companies,” said Luka Mali, Co-founder and CTO of Slovenian-based company Ulla Labs.

“We found several experts that are interested in our product and can provide various sensors and connectivity modules. HWTrek helped to narrow the selection of partners from a few hundred to just a couple of the most suitable ones.

“The final decision is left to the creators and the HWTrek team doesn’t influence this decision. I think is the most important part to provide the long-term sustainability of the whole hardware ecosystem.”

To learn more about using HWTrek’s collaboration tools for IoT hardware project development, take a loo at the post on its blog here.

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