New hardcore PEEK 3D printing material from Stratasys

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A new PEKK-based high-performance thermoplastic, Antero 800NA, has been released by Stratasys for 3D printed components needing to be exposed to hydrocarbons, such as fuels and lubricants, as well as many acids.

For use on Stratasys’ Fortus FDM ‘Production’ range of 3D printers, the first release from what the company says is a new family of PEKK materials, Antero 800NA has a number of advantages for manufacturers.

Its high operating temperature is designed to allow it to be used for applications under the hood or in engine compartments.

Additionally, its low outgassing allows it to be used in confined spaces and sensitive environments, such as satellites, where materials may not outgas under vacuum.

Expected to be available for use on Stratasys’ Fortus 450mc 3D Printer in Q2, 2018, and for the Fortus 900mc Production 3D Printer in Q4, 2018.


Existing Fortus 450mc users with the high-performance material bundle will be able to use Antero 800NA without additional license fees.

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