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CloudNC CAM Assist plug-in for Fusion 360 boosts 3-axis machining

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CAM Assist from CloudNC is billed as a CAM programming co-pilot, capable of generating machining strategies ‘in seconds at the click of a button’.

The software uses computational optimisation and AI inference to rapidly determine a professional strategy and toolset needed to manufacture a part, along with the most appropriate cutting speeds and feeds from the user’s library.

Currently available as a plug-in for Autodesk Fusion 360, it’s able to create machining strategies for 3-axis parts in seconds, shortening lead times and freeing-up experienced programmers for more demanding jobs.

CloudNC founder Theo Saville, said: “CAM Assist is the biggest paradigm shift for the precision manufacturing sector in decades.

“By making CAM programmers faster, CAM Assist enables manufacturers to increase machine uptime, slash lead times, improve process stability, and upskill staff to become expert machinists more quickly.

“These advances will re-energise precision manufacturing companies struggling with rising costs, ageing workforces and competition from globalisation – shortening supply chains and keeping the costs of everything down for us all.”


Fusion 360 users can upload a 3D model of a 3-axis component and the software will determine the best milling tools needed from those available, and how they will be used. In a matter of seconds, CAM Assist drafts the code required to instruct a CNC machine how to make it, within the user’s existing CAM platform.

CloudNC says it has conducted side-by-side trials of CAM Assist with senior CAM programmers. According to the results, CAM Assist users can reduce programming times by up to 80% in comparison to manual programming methods, saving time for more senior programmers by completing tasks associated with program set-up and toolpath creation.

The UK start-up is targeting autonomous manufacturing, with investment from Autodesk, Lockheed Martin and Atomico.

CloudNC claim that by making precision manufacturing autonomous it will dramatically improve its ease, speed and reliability, and will enable customers to make products anywhere in the world at competitive costs, allowing them to more easily onshore supply chains and keep engineering jobs local.

Autodesk invests in manufacturing AI startup CloudNC

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