How fast is your Siemens NX workstation?

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Gas Turbine, one of seven models used in the new SPECapc for NX 9.10 benchmark.

SPECapc has completely redesigned its performance evaluation software for Siemens NX. The SPECapc for NX 9/10 benchmark is designed to give NX users an easy way to compare the relative performance of desktop and mobile workstations and professional graphics cards based on real world user interaction.

The benchmark features new models, new graphics display modes and a fresh GUI. It is designed for Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit platforms and can be run with Siemens NX 9.0 or NX 10.0, although results from the two different NX versions are not comparable.
Users need an NX 9.0 or NX 10.0 license that includes the NX Shape Studio or equivalent bundle for Advanced Studio rendering. The benchmark platforms.

Seven models representing common use cases are included in benchmark. Graphics tests include rotation, pan, zoom and clipping for each model. CPU tests measure performance for field of view (FOV) and feature regeneration operations. Anti-aliasing, a rendering technology that smooths jagged edges, can be enabled or disabled to allow users to assess performance differences between the two modes.

“We consider this the most comprehensive performance evaluation software available for systems running Siemens NX 9 or 10,” says Trey Morton, SPECapc chair. “It represents all the graphics display modes used in the application and closely simulates user interaction when running NX 9 or 10 in the real world.”


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