In-flight comfort – ESI Virtual Seat Solution allows design pre-certification for manufacturers

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ESI Virtual Seat Solution 2016 aids the design of transport seating – assisting with safety pre-testing

ESI Group’s Virtual Seat Solution 2016 now lets aeronautic manufacturers evaluate seat comfort right from the design stage, to assess the living space available for passengers, and to virtually pre-certify seats.

Reducing the need for costly physical prototypes – and therefore associated costs and time – the faster resolution means more design time can be spent creating innovative lightweight seats, while ensuring their performance.

With Virtual Seat Solution already established in the automotive sector, the new 2016 version brings in dedicated functionalities to benefit aerospace applications.
Aside from the need to meet passengers’ growing expectations in terms of comfort, future aircraft seats will have to answer challenges linked to weight reduction as a means to enable airlines to save substantial amounts of fuel. This must be achieved without impacting passenger safety and in compliance with evolving safety regulations.

From seat modeling to virtual performance testing, thanks to virtual human models, all the way to virtual certification, the users should benefit from guided seat model generation, which lets engineers to define new seat concepts easier.

Initial development steps can be speeded up by re-using previously modeled components and changing them as the project progresses, while ESI promises further timesaving by automatically updating the seat model to compute the performance of the seat with the new components, providing flexibility and time gains.


The ChinaNCAP process is now supported alongside EuroNCAP and JNCAP certifications, while for whiplash testing the computation of the numerous pulse severity levels during the whiplash sled tests can now be prepared simultaneously for a unique launch.

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