Future transport – Aero-X hoverbike design

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Look familiar? The Aero-X seems to have taken design cues from the original Star Wars’ Speeder Bike

The flying car is almost here with AeroFex‘s announcement that in 2017 its flagship Aero-X hoverbike will go on sale.

Aero-X, which was unveiled in 2012, rides like an off-road motorcycle. But, unlike a motorcycle, it leaves the ground flying up to 10 feet at 45 miles per hour.

Although not specifically designed for the daily commute, it can carry two people across open terrain and used for things like surveying, search and rescue, border patrol, disaster relief, aerial agricultural, ranching etc.
AeroFex was founded by aerospace engineer Mark DeRoche, who is on a mission to democratise flight. Having employed designers and engineers, the aim of this first vehicle is for it to be safe, easy to operate, and, importantly, much less expensive than an airplane or helicopter. It also looks fun – check out the video below.

The Aero-X (4.5 m x 2.1m), with its carbon fibre composite structure and four-wheel gear with castoring aft wheels, is powered by a three-rotor rotary petrol engine.


The Aero-X will be able to carry two people

It costs $85,000 and those who are interested can order theirs now by placing a $5,000 deposit. Although, you will have to wait three years until it will be delivered in 2017.

However, the AeroFex engineers are not only hard at work getting this vehicle ready for production, it has other designs up its sleeve too. It’s using the Aero-X as a launching point for the development of additional vehicles that will be tailored to specific applications. For example, work is currently being carried out on a drone version for agricultural applications that has the potential to dramatically reduce the costs of aerial application of fertilizers and pesticides.


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