Upgrade your meeting room with an interactive whiteboard

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Digitally enabling your standard whiteboard could add a whole new element to your group design meetings

Getting the team around the design office whiteboard is still one of the best ways to collaborate on a project, but now might be the time to move it – like your workflow – into the digital world.

It can be a costly change – 84″, 4k, E-LED, multi-touch displays are simply stunning, but beauty comes at a price – so Steljes has brought in a more cost effective option that the majority of design bureaux can benefit from.

The SMART LightRaise 60wi2 interactive projector turns standard whiteboards into digital workspaces, giving four touch/dual gesture capability and includes SMART MeetingPro software to annotate over presentations.

Meeting notes and drawing annotations are captured and can be emailed to all parties straight after the meeting ends


The technology lets up to four users work simultaneously using natural touch capabilities or two users can work together using the interactive pens that come with the projector.

Built- in differentiation technology automatically detects whether a pen or finger is being used without the need to stop the meeting and select from a menu.

The ultra short throw projector is HD ready with 3,000 lumens of brightness and has a built-in 9-watt speaker and microphone input to deliver a complete audio solution that’s ready to use right out of the box for online meetings.

Possibly the best feature is that it improves the efficiency of meetings by eliminating the need to write up notes of the meeting, all notes and annotations can be captured on the dry whiteboard and distributed to all meeting participants by email right after the meeting has finished.

The projector element can be improved with the addition of a smart whiteboard, adding handwriting recognition and more gesture controls, letting you to convert scribbled notes into text.

At £2,699 adding a smart projector is a fraction of the price of its ultra desirable sister products, yet it should make those Monday morning meetings go all the more smoothly. And what price can you put on that?