Personal transport – Yamaha strips back the three-wheeler

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The Yamaha Tricity could be the three-wheeled personal transport of choice for the next generation

Before the hover bikes of tomorrow arrive we still have to get around our bustling, tight-fit cities, Yamaha believes it has the solution with the Tricity.

Yamaha’s three-wheeled scooter, like the Piaggio and Peugeot models that have preceded it (becoming the staple choice of chic city dwellers and London Bobbies alike) allows for more stability and safer narrow-angle cornering at speed.

Unlike it’s podgy European counterparts, however, it is super light (152kg!), featuring a trick leaning twin-wheel front suspension system, and an aluminium alloy four-stroke engine to lose a ton of weight.

Super light, with an engine practically anyone can ride, and cheap to buy and run, the Tricity has redesigned the current three-wheel market


A 125cc engine is much smaller than any its rivals offer, and as such make it nearly half the price (around the £3,300 mark), but rideable by anyone with a standard car driving license and CBT qualifications.

As such it promises to be a nippy city bike, that caters for the modern urbanite, with plenty of storage space under the seat and a convenience hook in front of the rider.

Its design offers upswept leg-shields and a flat footboard for room, and a lightweight bodywork and sports screen help protect the rider from the wind and weather.

By redesigning the majority of components of the existing three-wheelers, Yamaha’s design is looking to get people of all ages where they need to be fast, safe and cheap.

With Honda’s ultimate 125cc city scooter, the Zoomer, now discontinued, the Tricity could have inner city love when it goes on sale.

The leaning wheel mechanism uses special cantilevered telescopic front forks that feature two separate tubes for each wheel


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