Gerber AccuMark 10 moving garment development and pattern making into 3D

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Gerber is gearing up to move the 2D pattern cutting industry into using its 3D tools

Gerber Technology has announced its new integrated 3D solution for garment development and pattern making, AccuMark 10, will be available in the spring of 2015.

The new software will allow designers to share 3D images and motion files, furthering collaboration and centralisation of data, giving designers real-life visualisation of designs and be able make pattern corrections that can then be visualised in 3D.

“Gerber Technology recognises the impact 3D will have on the lives of its customers,” said Mike Elia, CEO Gerber Technology. “3D will be a disruptive technology. Its applications are broad and will have an impact from the creative and garment development process to merchandising and e-commerce.”
“Our current breadth of technology positions us to lead the way in creating solutions for our customers with 3D – enhancing the design process through automated manufacturing and full product line management,” concluded Elia.

The key aim is to use 3D visualisation to dramatically reduce the time involved in development and sample making, something that will free up the creative skills from continuous mark-ups and re-sketches needed in 2D.

The press release gives an insight to the future aims of Gerber Technology, stating that the company is “aggressively working on future 3D applications to address the broad range of needs in the areas of garment testing, the movement of fabric and fit, merchandising and e-commerce”.


This comes only a few weeks after Gerber employed former Siemens senior vice president and general manager of Solid Edge, Karsten Newbury, leaving us expecting further 3D changes.

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